8810 Online Ion Selective and Titrator Analyser

Production processes are constantly being improved to operate at faster rates with a minimum of intervention by production personnel. Concurrently, material–quality tolerances and process conditions are subjected to more severe specifications. As a result, both production efficiency and product quality are critically dependent upon continuous control of the key chemical parameters.

The 8810 Analyser is designed to provide the user with the chemical information needed to operate the process on a high level of reliability and efficiency.

Advantages of 8810 Analyser:
• Most standard laboratory reference methods are amenable to on–line chemical analysis.
• Titrimetric analysis is very accurate and precise, especially at high concentration levels.
• Substances for which no specific sensors exist can still be determined by titration, using specifically reacting reagents.
• The zero and slope stabilities of the electrodes are much less critical for titrations than for direct potentiometry.
• The results of the analysis are directly related to the concentration.
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