Bühler Vacuum Samplers

Bühler Vacuum Samplers
Reliable, simplified and accurate sampling, for a consistent analysis from start to finish.
Accurate analysis begins at the sample point. Bühler vacuum samplers help you obtain an accurate and representative sample for subsequent analysis with your Hach lab instrument, ultimately leading to accurate reporting. With an improved software system across all Bühler models, reliability is now combined with accuracy and simplicity for every measurement.

Reliability and low maintenance
With fewer spare and maintenance parts needed, Bühler samplers offer a lower cost of ownership compared to other vacuum samplers in the market. Since there are no moving parts in contact with the sample, you don’t have to worry about the frequent replacement of parts. Also, for easy maintenance, the dosing vessel can be effortlessly removed, cleaned and put back again, reducing downtime.

With an improved software system across the entire Bühler range, it is much easier to take and manage samples at the same time. As an example, in the case of variable flows, now you can simply pre-set the system to obtain a minimum and/or maximum volume of the sample.

Accurate sampling is the hallmark of Bühler samplers. The patented dosing system takes accuracy a step further, ensuring a representative sample every time.