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The DR6000™ is the industry’s most advanced lab spectrophotometer. It offers high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, and comes with over 250 pre-programmed methods.

  • Your water testing needs, all in one spectrophotometer
  • Accessories for high volume and high accuracy testing needs
  • Advanced quality assurance at your fingertips
  • Ability to program specific methods for your lab
  • Guided procedures and elimination of false readings
  • Automatically avoids errors

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The DR3900 Benchtop Spectophotometer is a compact benchtop VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications.

  • Trace your samples completely back to the sampling point
  • Easy step-by-step testing procedure
  • Elimination of false readings
  • Accurate results every time

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The DR900 Colorimeter is a handheld colorimeter that allows for quick and easy access to your most frequently used testing methods in less than four clicks.

  • Fastest and simplest water testing for the most demanding field environments
  • Your favorites, at your fingertips
  • Field ready in every way possible
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple data communication

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The Titralab AT1000 Series laboratory analysis systems are one touch, automatic analyzers, covering both Potentiometric Titration (AT1000 Series) and Karl Fischer volumetric Titration (KF1000 Series).

  • Pre-set methods that can quickly deliver accurate and reliable results straight from the box
  • The Titrator is delivered preassembled for quick setup
  • Quick and easy set up so anyone can operate a test without need for any complex programming
  • Increases confidence in results and eliminates operator interpretation commonly associated with manual titration

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The AS950 Portable Sampler’s lightweight design, low power requirements, and easy mobility make it ideal for field applications.

  • It is great for stormwater, environmental, and industrial pre-treatment
  • Comes equipped with standard memory and USB connectivity allowing all data to be logged and transferred via USB drive
  • The large, full color display allows intuitive programming to make these critical, remote sampling applications virtually error-free
  • Available in three base sizes to meet different requirements

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The SL1000 provides highly accurate results with less opportunity for errors in a fraction of the time.

  • Up to six parameters, tested simultaneously
  • Provides faster testing
  • Now less variability
  • Considerably less hassle

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The TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters can be used for a wide range of turbidity applications featuring the trusted technology of Hach’s legacy benchtop turbidimeters.

  • Improved functionality to simplify testing
  • Features include a color touch screen
  • Includes a USB port for data transfer
  • Self-diagnostics for quality assurance

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Biotector B7000

BioTector analyzers eliminate build up issues from salts, particulates, fats, oils and greases that lead to drift and high maintenance.

  • Superior Reliability—typically 99.86% uptime
  • High Dependability—patented two-stage advanced oxidation (TSAO) technology handles even the most challenging applications
  • Smart Design—self-cleaning technology and oversized tubing eliminates filtration and prevents clogging and sample contamination

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Biotector B3500

The Hach BioTector B3500c delivers 99.86% uptime in condensate applications with the lowest operating cost.

  • Worry-free TOC
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Small footprint = critical wall space savings
  • Reagent costs that don't kill the bottom line
  • One instrument for multiple streams
  • Only requires scheduled maintenance every 6 months

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UVAS sc Sensor can be used to protect plant treatment processes from high organic loads or for surrogate BOD, COD, and TOC measurements.

  • On-line analysis allows treatment plants to operate more efficiently
  • Flow through design with no sample chamber and self-cleaning wipers to reduce maintenance
  • Stable factory calibration saves time and reduces maintenance costs

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These inline process pH sensors feature exceptional performance due to the Differential Electrode Measurement Technique.

  • Unsurpassed measurement accuracy
  • Greater reliability, resulting in less downtime and maintenance
  • Extended working life of the sensor by protecting the reference electrode from harsh process conditions

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8350 pH Probes for High Temperatures & Fouling Environments

Hach’s comprehensive approach saves you time on design, installation, training, maintenance, and operation.

  • Save time on design
  • Accelerate your installation
  • Reduce training complexity
  • Simplify maintenance and operation

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This analyzer measures conductivity and calculates the pH in low-conductivity applications.

  • Measurement is not susceptible to the contaminations typically associated with pH systems
  • On pH systems where loss of electrolyte causes system failings, this type of indirect measurement provides an efficient solution
  • Provides long‐term, reliable and maintenance‐free pH systems

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Hach’s breakthrough generation LDO® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) is used for measuring Dissolved Oxygen.

  • Probe requires no calibration for the entire 2 year life of the sensor cap
  • LDO is ready to start measuring your DO (Dissolved Oxygen) right out of the box
  • No membranes which need to be replaced or electrolyte solution to replenish
  • Offers operators customizable diagnostic alert indicators

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The first maintenance-free optical oxygen sensor for power plants.

  • Only 1 calibration per year
  • No membranes = 2 minutes of annual maintenance
  • Compatible with Orbisphere 28 mm flow chamber for a low cost retrofit

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The 5500 sc Silica Analyzer is the industry's only pressurised reagent delivery system eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps.

  • Requires only two liters of reagent for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days
  • Predictive diagnostic tools, including Hach's proprietary Prognosys technology, warning LEDs, and high-visibility notification screens
  • Grab Sample In and Grab Sample Out features allow quick analysis of a grab sample poured into the analyser

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Hach's digital Solitax sc process probes are designed for the accurate determination of turbidity and suspended solids in accordance with DIN EN ISO. hier

  • The Solitax sc family offers a broad application spectrum
  • The Solitax sc provides a unique colour independent measurement of solids and a reliable sludge analysis
  • Instruments in the Solitax sc family are customisable to fit every field of application

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Titanium 7 insitu

The TSS Titaniumy sc. measures online suspended solids in brine, seawater or high salinity environments. Constructed of titanium to perform in the most extreme applications.

  • Unique multi-beam pulsed infrared light system
  • Automatic compensation for air bubbles and temperature swings for accuracy
  • Standard compliant and precise - ease of calibration
  • The only titanium suspended solids probe in the market designed for the most difficult environments

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Hach's Nitratax sc Family includes digital, optical probes for the high precision determination of nitrate concentration directly in the medium.

  • Featuring a high degree of accuracy due to direct UV measurement
  • Is ideally suited to statutory limit value monitoring
  • Low maintenance, reagent-free optical probes offer a broad application spectrum

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Hach's Amtax sc digital on-site analyzer with gas sensitive electrode is designed for the high precision determination of ammonium concentration directly at the tank.

  • The analyzer offers a high degree of accuracy due to selective GSE instrumentation
  • Is available with a weather proof housing for outdoor setup
  • Needs only minimal supervision thanks to automatic cleaning and calibration & self diagnosis
  • Is ideal for installation directly on the tank edge

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The FP360 sc digital UV fluorescence probe is designed for the reagent-free determination of mineral oil impurities directly in the medium or in the bypass.

  • Delivers the best technology to detect oil in water
  • Has no tubes, pumps, or valves that can foul or require constant maintenance interventions
  • Provides a cost-effective, continuous online monitoring solution to maintain process control and avoid oil contamination with minimal laboratory testing

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