Nitratax sc Nitrate Sensors

Hach's Nitratax sc Family includes digital, optical probes for the high precision determination of nitrate concentration directly in the medium. Featuring a high degree of accuracy due to direct UV measurement, without cross sensitivities, Nitratax sc Nitrate Sensors are ideally suited to statutory limit value monitoring. The low maintenance, reagent-free optical probes offer a broad application spectrum, thanks to turbidity compensation and self-cleaning even for sludge applications.

Nitratax sc Sensors can be connected to all SC controllers, providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.

Prognosys is a predictive diagnostic system that allows you to be proactive in your maintenance, by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues. Know with confidence whether changes in your measurements are due to changes in your instrument or your water.

Claros Enabled products share measurement data and status information with Claros - The Water Intelligence System from Hach. Claros provides greater confidence in your data, resulting in improved efficiencies in your plant’s operation. To ensure you achieve the full benefits of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.
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