Cost Savings

Increasing chemical and energy costs put strain on reduced operating budgets.


Every day, plants face challenges related to controlling costs. Unexpected events can make accurately controlling and dosing chemicals - such as precipitant or polymer - very difficult. Plus, if aeration and nitrification/denitrification are not carefully monitored, energy costs can rise. When it comes to implementing monitoring solutions in real time, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to manage a project of that scale. Ensuring the necessary tools are in place to enable efficient proactive instrument maintenance and operator workflow is critical to optimising staffing expenses.

Are you experiencing rising chemical costs?

Are you finding it difficult to control processes that drive up energy usage?

Do you know where you start in implementing real time monitoring to save your plant money?

Find answers to these challenges in the following solutions:

Claros Instrument Management

Prognosys Predictive Diagnostics and Mobile Sensor Management help to avoid costly downtime and even performing unnecessary maintenance by knowing when instruments need maintenance ahead of time, no matter where you are. LEARN MORE

Claros Data Management

With data at your fingertips, Claros Data Management helps you easily analyse data to identify waste and opportunities for cost savings, as well as benchmark chemical and energy costs to build a baseline to improve from. Convenient dashboards clearly communicate performance and drive awareness of cost issues. LEARN MORE

Claros Process Management

Chemical and energy budgets are often burdened by historical inefficiencies rather than actual treatment requirements. Claros Process Management can determine the actual treatment requirement and safely provides the opportunity to intelligently adjust chemical and energy usage in real time for reduced costs. LEARN MORE

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