Phosphax sigma Phosphate Analyser

The Phosphax sigma is an analogue analyser for the high precision determination of total phosphorus concentration and orthophosphate concentration in accordance with EN 1189 Phosphormolybdenum Blue method. Measurement values are rapidly available within 10 minutes including digestion.

The Phosphax sigma process photometer continuously analyses the two P parameters alternately. This enables phosphate elimination to be controlled on the basis of the orthophosphate concentration and enables limit value monitoring in the outlet on the basis of the total phosphorus concentration.

Solid-containing samples must be homogenized before entering the process photometer, e.g. via the Sigmatax 2 sampling probe and control unit for sample delivery and homogenisation.

Every Phosphax sigma comes with 2 analogue current outputs and 2 potential free relais contacts. Optional are digital outputs Modbus or Profibus DP.
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