Our Responsibility to Recycle

As the worlds leading environmental instrument and reagent company, HACH LANGE is pleased to provide its customers with an excellent service for the recycling/disposal of used reagents. 

The Environment Agency Hazardous Waste Regulations means that any business producing hazardous waste has a legal duty to register as premises where hazardous waste is produced. 

HACH LANGE are confident that recycling is the way forward given the pressures upon our landfill sites and we will continue to recycle and take full responsibility for the products we manufacturer.

3 Easy steps to recycle/dispose your used reagents

  1. Download the Recycling/Disposal Request Form
  2. Email or fax it to 0161 848 7324
  3. Await pick-up confirmation

You can also call us on 0161 872 1487.

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