The profile 

Through the advanced platform of SC-controllers and other analyzers, you can access the best solution for sensors and controllers in the world of water and waste water analysis. 
The following parameters are covered in this great portfolio:

  • pH, ORP, Conductivity (conductive), Conductivity (inductive)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Dissolved Oxygen (Galvanic), Ozone
  • Chlorine (free), Chlorine dioxide
  • Low-range Turbidity, Turbidity, suspended Solids, Sludge concentration, Sludge level
  • Ammonium, Nitrate
  • Phosphate (ortho), Phosphate (total)
  • SAC, TOC
  • mA-Inputs, digital Inputs

For MODBUS TCP/IP we offer the SC1000 Multi-Channel Controller:

  • up to 8 sensors at one location
  • extensions through networking
  • Implementation of current 0/4-20mA-signals or digital Inputs

HACH LANGE instruments proofed their interoperability in numerous applications with MODBUS TCP/IP. 

The advantages 

The bidirectional communication with MODBUS TCP/IP offers the following advantages:

  • Open Industrial Ethernet Standard
  • Up to 60 measurement values from various different sensors supported through a single slave (SC1000), most flexible configuration possible. 
  • Supports up to 5 master systems in parallel (PLC, PC, SCADA)
  • Built-in modem that can stream Modbus TCP/IP data using the global standard for cellular networks, GSM-GPRS
  • Simple and cost effective wiring using Ethernet port (LAN) or wireless GPRS
  • Remote configuration, diagnostic, parameterization and access to data log files can be performed using the build-in Web Server
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) for secured internet communication

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