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Certified Quality Standards

June 4, 2012

HACH LANGE certified pH and conductivity standards

We carry out measurements and comparisons every day of our lives. One of
the most frequently measured parameters is pH.

To ensure that the pH readings are true, the pH measurement sensors must
be regularly calibrated. An incorrectly calibrated sensor is a major source of

The certified buffer solutions from HACH LANGE calibration laboratory offer
the assurance of accurate calibration. This is backed up by the guaranteed
shelf life of the IUPAC standards. Thanks to special packaging technology, the
sealed solutions remain stable and ready to use for up to four years.

Benefit from:

  •     Total control of the traceability chain and calculated uncertainties
  •     Direct traceability to primary standards and the reference method
  •     The competence and integrity of a laboratory internationally recognised to be accredited for the measurement of pH and conductivity reference
  •     DKD Accreditation Certificate supplied with EVERY bottle of buffer ISO 10725 calibration

Don’t Take Chances with Quality
All Radiometer Analytical Certified standard solutions are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and Traceability and a Verification Certificate.
Certified pH Buffers and Conductivity Standard Solutions with IUPAC Certificate

  •     Ready-to-use, colour coded buffer solutions and buffer powder pillows
  •     High quality buffer solutions and buffer powder pillows
  •     In 500 ml bottles or Individually sealed for 50 ml buffer solution
  •     For routine analyses in the lab or in the field
  •     Buffer traceable to NIST standard reference materials; accuracy ± 0.02 pH (25°C)

If you have any questions, please email or call us on 0161 872 1487.

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