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Product Launch LCK364 Zirconium

Product Launch LCK364 Zirconium

May 30, 2013

Unique rapid test for process control of zirconium based coating baths

Zirconium is often used to replace toxic hexavalent chromium and phosphating in surface engineering/coating industries.

Up to now it was not possible to perform a simple process control for zirconium based coating baths. Existing methods to evaluate the correct zirconium concentration are cumbersome. In addition, fluoride and aluminium usually interfere with traditional methods and may falsify the correct interpretation and adjustment of zirconium concentrations.

Together with SurTec, one of the leading global suppliers for chemicals for surface treatment, HACH LANGE has developed a cuvette test for Zirconium. This is the first specific, easy-to use rapid test which helps to evaluate the zirconium concentration during the passivation process.

LCK364 benefits:

- Adjusts the right amount of zirconium within the process
- Minimises chemistry consumption and costs in zirconium based coating processes
- Ensures a consistent high product quality

The new Zirconium test can be evaluated on HACH LANGE spectrophotometers:
DR2800, DR3800,  DR3900,  DR5000  and DR6000.
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