Ethernet LAN, GPRS, Web Server

The profile and the products 

Through the advanced platform of SC-controllers and other analyzers, you can access the best solution for sensors and controllers in the world of water and waste water analysis. 
The following parameters are covered in this great portfolio:

  • pH, ORP, Conductivity (conductive), Conductivity (inductive)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Dissolved Oxygen (Galvanic), Ozone
  • Chlorine (free), Chlorine dioxide
  • Low-range Turbidity, Turbidity, suspended Solids, Sludge concentration, Sludge level
  • Ammonium, Nitrate
  • Phosphate (ortho), Phosphate (total)
  • SAC, TOC
  • mA-Inputs, digital Inputs

For MODBUS TCP/IP we offer the SC1000 Multi-Channel Controller:

  • up to 8 sensors at one location
  • extensions through networking
  • Implementation of current 0/4-20mA-signals or digital Inputs

HACH LANGE instruments proofed their interoperability in numerous applications with MODBUS TCP/IP. 

The advantages of SC 1000 V3.0 

GPRS for remote access to locations where only wireless cell phone networks are available

  • Built-in modem that now transmits data using the global standard for cellular networks, GSM-GPRS
  • No matter where the measurement is located, saves travel costs because of the instrument is online 24h/7d
  • Secured internet communication using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Build-in web server for remote diagnostic, paramerization, diagnostic and log data download

  • Full access to the measurement just using any internet browser such as Windows IE, Mozilla-Firefox, Apple-Safari, no special software needed
  • Access the instrument from any PC, laptop or smart phone thru the WWW, just enter the IP-Address
  • Warnings and alarms by email notification

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