Turbidity Nephelometric Technology Online Course

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What is turbidity and what causes turbidity. Particles and particle size have an influence on turbidity and consume chlorine. Turbidity is measured in drinking water, raw water, water preparation and boiler water. We discuss different methods how to measure turbidity. These methods are:
• Secchi disk
• Transparency tube
• Photometer
• Nephelometry and ratio technology

We measure turbidity in NTU and FNU with different light sources, like laser, LED and incandesce. Guidelines in Europe and the US are ISO 7027 and EPA 180.1. Is there a difference between ISO and EPA?
In methods and best practices, we explain how to take a sample and measure properly. Errors when measuring turbidity. An approx. 30 minutes e-learning, which tells you where to pay attention when you measure turbidity.