SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc High range turbidimeter

Product #: LPV431.99.00002
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Outstanding results in high temperatures: SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc

Able to measure very high and low turbidity levels accurately, this turbidimeter is uniquely designed so that the light source and the photocells never come in contact with the sample.
The sample is introduced into the center sample tube of an inclined turbidimeter body at a flow rate of 1 to 2 liters per minute. As the fluid spills over the top of the turbidimeter body, a stable, flat surface of liquid forms and becomes the measuring surface.
The light source emits a high-intensity beam of light, which strikes the surface of the fluid diagonally. The detector registers the light that is scattered at 90° to the incident beam. This scattered light is proportional to the content of suspended particles in the sample

  • Virtually maintenance-free, optics never touch the sample
  • Wide turbidity measurement range from 0 to 9,999 NTU
  • Durable-manufactured with corrosion/heat-resistant materials for extended life
  • Separate sample and control units
  • Easy and accurate calibration