Sonatax sc Sensor with magnetic coupled wiper, stainless steel body

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The superior way of measuring sludge levels: Sonatax sc process probe

The probe uses an ultrasonic pulse to measure the sludge level. To ensure the greatest possible accuracy, the sensitivity adjusts automatically to fluctuating solids concentration and sludge profile.
An ultrasonic signal sent from the probe is directed towards the sludge blanket in the tank. Height and depth measurements are based on the time it takes for the ultrasonic echo to return to the probe and are displayed on a controller.
Efficient automatic wiper system to keep the ultrasonic head clean. The process probe is factory calibrated for long-term calibration stability. A simple correction factor allows adjustment to local conditions.
The sludge level in a wide range of applications in wastewater and drinking water treatment plants can be determined. Ideal for monitoring the solid/liquid interface. Structures (pipes, agitators, etc.) in the tanks can be accounted for.

This instrument connects to Claros, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiency in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.

  • Safe: Early warning system guards against sludge loss
  • Determined: measured values are independent of solids content and water temperature
  • Precise: superior accuracy with automatic frequency adjustment
  • Reliable: correct measured values even with fluctuating profiles
  • Clear: graphic representation of sludge profile with SC1000 Controller