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Lower Maintenance, Less Downtime. The HACH 5500 sc online silica analyser for identification of SiO2, 0.5 – 5000 ppb. No Pumps requiring maintenance: The industry's only pressurised reagent delivery system!

    Your benefits:
  • 90 days of continuous runtime
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Clean, fast and easy reagent change
  • Easily verified with our lab products - no time wasted by second-guessing
  • Online silica analyser for identification of SiO2, 0.5–1000 ppb.

  Interested in the latest technology on silica analysis?

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The ORBISPHERE K1100 is the first optical oxygen sensor for power plants. Offers significant operating and cost benefits:

  • Fast response and only 1 calibration per year
  • High accuracy in ppb range
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to optical technology eliminating the need for membrane and electrolyte

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Ensure uptime with accurate, low-level sodium measurements and predictive diagnostics.

NA5600sc Sodium Analyser
  Your benefits:
  • Optimise Operation and Response Time with Automatic Electrode Reactivation
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Avoid Downtime

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Based on advanced colorimetric chemistry the CL 17 chlorine analyser provides a fast, reliable method of determining total or free residual chlorine.

Your benefits:
  • Colorimetric chemistry - simple, fast, accurate
  • Fast automatic operation
  • Complete control - minimal maintenance
  • Rugged, lightweight enclosure

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HQD MultimeterThe  8362 pH sensor provides excellent accuracy when measuring pH or ORP in ultrapure water.
Your benefits:
  • Complete system for Simple and Fast operation
  • The ultimate in pH/ORP measurement accuracy
  • Self-Pressurising Electrodes
  • Easy setup and Maintenance

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HACH LANGE DR 3900 VIS- and DR 6000 UV-VIS photometers are engineered to achieve exceptional analytical accuracy in a simple testing format.

Your benefits:
  • High laboratory efficiency – more than 220 pre-programmed analysis methods directly available
  • Highly accurate, reliable and traceable measurements
  • Easy and transparent working process

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Whether a power plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or comes online to meet peak demand, there are unique challenges to monitoring.

Effective operation can be enhanced with the help of a maintenance and service schedule.

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