Polymetron 9611 sc Online Phosphate Analyser

Product #: 9611.KTO.PX.XXX
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Lower Maintenance, Less Downtime

Reliable online phosphate analyser that saves critical time and effort. Available with 1/2/4 channels and including reagent set for startup and up to 90 days of use.
The industry's only pressurised reagent delivery system eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps. Unplanned downtime is avoided by predictive diagnostic tools, including the PROGNOSYS technology, warning LEDs and high-visibility notification screens.

The analyser can be used with customer-defined reagents or ready-made reagents of our house that are formulated for optimal accuracy and designed with convenient features like colour-coded caps and sealed bottles allowing quick and clean reagent replacement. Only 2 litres of each reagents are required for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days.

Grab Sample In and Out features allow quick analysis of a grab sample poured into or collect from the analyzer to verify in the lab.

PROGNOSYS ensures confidence in your instrument readings. PROGNOSYS will monitor, provide reliable instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read colour display.

  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • User-defined reagents that meet individual needs
  • 90 days of continuous runtime
  • Easily verified with our lab products - no time wasted by second-guessing