pH Technology

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pH Technology

In this e-learning of about 30-45 min we teach you all about pH.

How it works
How a pH meter works together with a pH electrode. Tricks and hints to do a pH calibration. Where to pay attention to when you are using the pH buffers. What is automated temperature compensation for a pH calibration. What to do when you have a drifting pH electrode, or a bad pH calibration slope which is not optimum.

Critical considerations
We advise the right pH electrode for Laboratory and Process analysers. What kind of body is used in a typical environment. We explain the differences between a refillable and non-refillable pH electrode. There are many shapes of a pH electrode. These shapes have a dedicated function to measure the pH in several applications. You will be able to select the right pH electrode for the needed application. The difference between a single and double junction or diaphragm and what to use when you are measuring the pH in waste or drink water, but also measuring the pH when there are silver ions or proteins, organics or sulfides in the water.

Best practices
The response time and accuracy of the pH electrode is an important value. If the response time of an electrode is slow or you have a drifting electrode, you should be able to solve this.

We challenge you to do a test. When you succeed you have earned a certificate?