Nitratax plus sc Precise, self-cleaning UV Nitrate process probe, 5 mm

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UV analysis-the reagent-free alternative: Nitratax plus sc

Reagent-free method. Multiple beam absorption photometer with a flash lamp, turbidity compensation through reference measurement. Lowered directly into the sample stream (flow-through unit optional).
Stainless steel probe. UV beams are projected across a gap for immediate measurement of the nitrate content in water, wastewater and activated sludge. The measuring windows are cleaned by a wiper. Evaluation by SC controller. The simple mounting and easy handling of the probe is guaranteed by a specially designed tank rim mounting hardware. In order to place the controller near the probe, the tank rim mounting hardware for sc controller should be used. The through-flow variant is used wherever submersible installation is not possible for construction related reasons or the medium makes it necessary to measure a filtered sample (very high TS contents, sewage treatment plant inlet, etc.).

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  • UV absorption method-proven, continuous, and precise
  • Eliminates reagents, sampling, and sample conditioning
  • Self-cleaning probe
  • Measurement in activated sludge or in water
  • Life-long factory calibration