Introduction to the CL17sc Analyser (single user)

Introduction to the CL17sc Analyser (single user)
Product #: DL-CL17SC-PRO
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Built on a legacy of reliability in online chlorine analysis, the advanced design of the CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser reduces routine maintenance touch time and provides powerful diagnostic features and enhanced connectivity. To help you with your implementation of this analyser, or to help associates new to the CL17sc, Hach product and application experts have developed this eLearning which provides anytime access to best practices of key operation and components. This self-directed eLearning will help associates understand:

• Identify key components and installation steps
• How to configure the analyser for testing
• How to operate the analyser
• How to go through the regular maintenance steps
• How to handle key troubleshooting scenarios

1-year access for 1 person