Data Management

Control your data – so you can spend your time managing your plant, not managing data.


We’ve never had access to more data. But increasing amounts of process data creates a challenge when it comes to making process treatment decisions—data formatting, aggregation, visualisation and reporting are essential elements for a successful operation.

 Do you spend more time collecting/formatting data than you do analysing data?

 Have you ever had issues trying to get data in a timely manner?

 Is the data you need scattered in a variety of Excel sheets, SCADA Historians, and lab databases?

 Do you wish you could easily create ad-hoc graphs/dashboards to visualise and interpret your data?

 Is your reporting process streamlined?

Find answers to these challenges in the following solutions:

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Claros Data Management

Our proven system combines lab, process/SCADA, and operator field data in a central, secure database. It enables optimisation of water/wastewater operations and provides the tools needed for calculations, electronic/ paper reporting, analysis, and monitoring. It allows you to collect field data on any device and perform industry-specific calculations such as loadings, SRT, CT, dosages, and chemical usage. LEARN MORE


Claros Process Management

Process management systems deliver meaningful process calculations such as loading, maximum nitrification rates, and specific energy and chemical consumption, enabling visibility to the treatment process.  With highly resolved data, you can effectively identify and evaluate process-relevant events immediately when they occur.  LEARN MORE

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