Bühler 421X Stationary Water Sampler in Stainless Steel Enclosure

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Fulfilling ISO 5667-2/3-10 and MCERTs requirements, particularly suitable for faeces applications.
The Bühler 4211/4212 Faeco stationary sampler is ideal for collecting samples from wastewater with a high solids content. The system is rinsed with water (not the usual air) before and after sampling to prevent cross contamination and blockages from occurring. The instrument is used especially in sewage treatment plants to monitor sewage treatment plant screening stations that receive inflows containing faecal matter, since water and sludge from seepage pits, small sewage treatment plants, allotments, etc. have a high solids content, so that the collection of representative samples is essential. The sampler works according to the pressure-vacuum principle. Fractionated or composite samples are taken.
Newly upgraded and patented components facilitate trouble-free and low-maintenance operation.

The sampler comes ready-to-operate - all parts needed for start-up, e.g. suction tube etc., are included in the scope of supply.

  • System is rinsed with water before and after sampling
  • Sample bottles are filled directly
  • Strict separation of control and sample units