Bitter units (MEBAK) cuvette test ≥ 2 BU, 25 tests

Product #: LCK241
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Ensure your bitterness flavour profiles are precisely what you intend by measuring IBUs.

For use with your Hach DR6000 spectrophotometer. LCK241 offers you the ability to measure international Bitter Units with less hassle and no chemical waste. Additionally, these cuvettes provide high quality results free from potential external influencers. They are designed to simplify your brewing analysis, with accurate results, every time.
Features include:

  • Ready-to-use, high-precision pre-dosed cuvette tests
  • Reduction of errors due to bar-coded cuvettes
  • RFID technology to document the shelf life of the cuvettes and ensure traceability of your analyses
  • No reagent blank needed
  • Innovative cuvette and reagent technique