9184 sc Hypochlorous Acid Chlorine Amperometric Sensor

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Smart amperometric Hypochlorous Chlorine Sensor: 9184 sc

Single channel industrial analyser. A membrane allows the selective diffusion of HOCl molecules to the sensor. All-inclusive system (except controller) preassembled on a panel.
The membranes of the gold cathode and silver anode are pre-mounted on retaining caps to simplify and reduce maintenance time.
The low minimum detection limit and wide measurement range of the Hach 9184 sc Amperometric Free Chlorine Sensor makes it ideal for efficient residual chlorine monitoring.

  • Low Minimum Detection Limit for Efficient Residual Chlorine Monitoring
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • Continuous Chlorine Measurement
  • Compatible with Hach's "Plug and Play" Digital Controllers