HQ30D Digital multi meter kit, Cond. electrode, Outdoor, 5m

Product #: HQ30D.99.205000
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Digital Electrochemistry with HQD

Portable single channel multi meter for pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity and LDO. Instrument with Outdoor Conductivity cell, cable length 5m.
The digital meter/electrode system combines reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Interchangeable INTELLICAL electrodes are recognised automatically and store all relevant data. Rugged, nearly indestructible outdoor versions with multiple cable lengths enable measurements even at previously inaccessible locations.

  • Outstanding reliability and simple handling
  • Versatile electrodes for all applications, e.g. wastewater, drinking water, process water
  • Reliable results from inaccessible measurement locations and over long distances - even for pH
  • Error-free O2 results - without calibration or replacing the electrolyte
  • Full GLP data management