Telemetry / Remote service

Maximum uptime and highest operational security through continuous remote control of all connected instruments

SC1000 controller online supports continuous 24-hour remote control:
The SC1000 controller continuously supervises the connected process sensors. The controller transmits significant events by SMS or E-mail. On site or in the field, 365 days a year so you can be sure that the system is working properly and automatically even when the site is unmanned

Always in touch with the instrument, through event messages:
Different types of messages (early warnings, status- and failure messages) help you to monitor your measuring system and to intervene if necessary. Moreover, SMS/E-mail messages can also be sent to the central HACH LANGE telemetry specialists.

Instrument-specific assignment of SMS/E-mail messages to different recipients enables information to be sent exclusively to those who need it.

Remote diagnosis by HACH LANGE specialists

Experienced personnel analyse the data and initiate the appropriate response. This will be done by remote access into the system in combination with phone support. If an on-site visit is necessary, this can be scheduled immediately and the technician will get all the essential information and parts.
This saves time and ensures maximum availability of the plant’s process sensors. ensuring reliable plant operation.

Regular availability report
The regular availability report gives you an instrument-specific history of all events and the support activities initiated by the HACH LANGE service team. This report can also support your own quality management.