Commissioning Service

With the Hach Commissioning Service you receive total functionality and optimal instrument performance from the very beginning.

It not only consists of commissioning, instruction and training for your operating personnel, but the standard 24 months factory warranty starts on the commissioning date instead of delivery date, if commissioning is done during the first 6 months


  • Total functionality and optimal on-site performance from day one
  • Instruction and training for your operating personnel
  • Standard 24 months factory warranty starts from commissioning instead of delivery date *
  • Commissioning protocol for your quality management

Program Highlights

  • Settings and parameterization according to your wishes
  • Set-up and checking of in- and output signals
  • Instruction and training of operating personnel (operating menu, daily maintenance tasks, safety information)
  • Instructions for the first aid in case of break down
  • Hotline support for all technical questions and support
  • Commissioning work
  • Travel expenses

Additional Fees:

  • Consumables and wear parts will be invoiced separately
  • Note! Commissioning and instruction does not include mounting, plumbing and electrical supply