Brewers rely on Hach® for the right beverage analysis instruments to optimise flavour, stability, and product quality.

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Your Partner for Quality Analysis in Craft Brewing

Hach and Brewers: a 60 Year Partnership

Hach has been helping the brewing industry for over 60 years and we know that quality is key. It matters not just at the end of your line, but more importantly, when and where your customer takes the first sip. As a craft brewer, the quality of your beer, along with flavour stability and shelf life, is critical to your brand and your overall business


Get a Handle on Your Beer Quality

Improve beer clarity and flavour.

Produce more beer by increasing batches through your fermenter and avoid off flavours.

Ensure your bitterness flavour profiles are precisely what you intend.

Provide proper nutrients for yeast cells.

Meet your shelf life requirements.


Explore Hach Brewing Products

Hach Orbisphere 3100 Portable Oxygen Analyser

The Hach Orbisphere 3100 Portable Oxygen Analyser ensures measurement accuracy in detecting small or large oxygen pick-ups across the brewing process. It's built to travel with you, measure where you need it most, and can handle the extremes you encounter in your everyday brewing processes. Rely on the Orbisphere both for spot checks of in-line instrumentation and for overall DO control in your craft brewery.

Hach DR6000 Spectrophotometer with Brewery Analysis Application Software for MEBAK or ASBC

The DR6000™ provides confidence in your quality testing and measures key brewing parameters, including colour, VDK, Bitterness, FAN and Total Polyphenols – with preprogrammed MEBAK and ASBC methods to ensure the best product quality and taste of your beer. The Brewery Analysis Package software upgrade contains 12 specific brewery assays that conveniently upload via USB to a DR6000.


The DR6000 Spectrophotometer connects to Claros™, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiencies in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments. Learn more at

Hach Craft Brewing Test Kit

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the craft brewer, this kit tests the water quality parameters critical to supporting fermentation and monitoring source water contaminants that affect beer flavour stability. Includes everything you need.


Hach AT1000 Titrator Series

The AT1000 Titrator Series provide automated titration for accurate and repeatable measurement with complete traceability. Safe to use, these titrators require minimal reagent contact without colour indicator. Use beverage application packs to test multiple beverage parameters on one instrument, including Total Acidity, pH, and SO 2.


Hach HQ40D Meter and Probe for Portable pH, Conductivity/TDS Measurements

Maintain a more consistent flavour profile by measuring pH levels throughout the mash process and DO in your wort. Ideal for simulating the activity in the fermentation vessel.


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