Confidence in pH, O2, conductivity, redox

The system: pH, cond. and O2 - reliable, flexible, simpler than ever


High Quality Digital - HQD
means complete, coordinated, stable meters with practical accessories and intelligent electrodes. What makes HQD special is the newly developed INTELLICAL electrodes, which store all relevant characteristic parameters in digital form. 
INTELLICAL Electrodes - Mix + Match Principle
"Our customers need reliable results in the shortest time possible. So we asked ourselves how unnecessary, time-consuming, calibration could be avoided. Our development team came up with an innovative answer in the form of digital electrodes, which save their own calibration data. They are calibrated once, in the central laboratory. They can be used in totally different locations without having to repeat the calibration each time they are used with a different meter.
Genuine Mix + Match!"   
  • Digital INTELLICAL electrodes and metes are geared to each other and are interchargeable (Mix + Match principle). 
  • Digital INTELLICAL electrodes are recognised automatically. 
  • The calibration data is stored in the INTELLICAL electrodes, and the control intervals can be programmed to enable application - specific status checks. 
All INTELLICAL electrodes with integrated temperature sensor. 
Turn around the HQD! 
Discover HACH LANGE's world first in water analysis. The innovative DIGITAL e-chem products combine optimum handling and flexibility with reliability that can't be achieved by analogue techniques.  
Clear messages
The HQD communicates clearly!
This was a priority for HACH LANGE. Clear, legible text on the illuminated display. The intuitive menu structure is easily user friendly and ensures smooth, error-free handling. 
Calibration? HQD reminds you!
Reliable pH readings are now very simple. You set the interval between calibrations to suit your own situation. HQD reminds you when recalibration is due. Furthermore, you can do also define the calibration quality by enterig requirements with regard to the slope.
All the necessary information about each reading is automatically saved. 
HQD for outdoor application.
The INTELLICAL electrodes are available as stainless steel for outdoor purposes, which remain intact even under the most trying conditions. Cables of up to 30 m in length enable digital data transmission from previously inaccessible measurement locations, e.g. lakes, boreholes and bridges - even for pH.   
Determination of oxygen without calibration and electrolyte!
The new measurement principle has revolutionised oxygen measurement.
LDO stands for Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen. Instead of frequent calibration and electrolyte replacement, you simply change the sensor cap once eacd year. Using LDO saves time and money. 
According to your request:
HQ 11D for pH
  • pH range: 0-14 
  • resolution (selectable): 0.1/0.01/0.001
  • curacy: 0.1
  • temp. compensation: automatic
  • automatic buffer recognition
  • ORP: ±1500 mV
  • resolution: 0.1
  • accuracy: ±0.1 mV
HQ 14D for conductivity
  • conductivity: 0,01 µS/cm-200 mS/cm
  • resolution: max. 5 figures
  • accuracy: ±0.5%
  • temp. compensation: non linear
  • resistivity: 2.5 Ω cm-49 Ω cm
  • resolution: max. 5 figures
  • accuracy: ±0,5%
  • TDS: 0.0-50.0 mg/l
  • resolution: max. 3 figures
  • accuracy: ±0.5 in the range
  • salinity: 0-42 (g/kg, ‰)
  • resolution: up to 0.01 ppt
  • accuracy: ±0.1 mg/l at < 8 mg/l  
HQ 30D FLEXI for O2, pH, cond. - 1 measurement channel
  • pH + ORP according HQ 11D
  • conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity according HQ 14 D
  • dissolved oxygen (LDO): 0.00-20.0 mg/l; 0-200 %
  • resolution: 0.01 oder 0.1 % saturation
  • accuracy: ±1 % of measuring range
HQ 40 D MULTI for pH, conductivity, O2, ion concentration (ISE) - 2 measurement channels
  • pH + ORP wie HQ 11D
  • conductivity: 0.01 µS/cm-400 mS/cm
  • resistivity, TDS, salinity according HQ 30 D
  • dissolved oxygen (LDO): 0.00-20.0 mg/l; 0-200 %
  • resolution: 0.01 oder 0.1 % saturation
  • accuracy: ±1 % of measuring range
  • ion concentration ISE
  • range depends on the elecrode
  • USB port  
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