The profile and the products

Through the advanced platform of SC-controllers and other analysers, you can access the best solution for sensors and controllers in the world of water and waste water analysis. 
The following parameters are covered in this great portfolio: pH, ORP, Conductivity (conductive), Conductivity (Inductive), Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Dissolved Oxygen (Galvanic), Chlorine (free), Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, Low-range Turbidity, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Sludge concentration, Sludge level, Ammonium, Nitrate, Phosphate (ortho), Phosphate (total), SAC, TOC, mA-Inputs, digital Inputs.

SC-Controllers are available in many different versions customised to meet the individual needs of your applications:

  • SC 1000 multi-channel controller: up to 8 sensors at one location, extensions through networking, implementation of current 0/4-20mA-signals or digital Inputs
  • SC 100 two-channel controller: up to two Sensors with up to 4 measurement values

We are registered at the PROFIBUS®-User-Organisation (PNO). HACH LANGE Instruments are certified by the PROFIBUS®- User-Organisation (PNO) and proofed their Interoperability in numerous applications.

HACH LANGE is a member of the FDT group, we provide certified device DTM files for download

The advantages

The bidirectional communication with PROFIBUS® DP (Decentralized Peripherals) offers the following advantages:

  • Biggest installed base in the world for field bus installation for process automation
  • Up to 40 measurement read plus 8 write values from various different sensors supported through a single Slave (SC 1000), most flexible configuration possible. 
  • Open field bus standard
  • Free choice of products for end users
  • High performance of 9,6 kBit/s up to 12Mbit/s
  • 32 instruments per bus-Segment
  • Simple and cost effective wiring
  • Topology: line, no spur lines allowed
  • DP-V1 offers acyclic communication for alarms, remote operation, configuration and diagnostics in addition to DP-V0 offering cyclic data only
  • PROFIBUS® follows the international Standards IEC 61158 und IEC 61784
  • Four wire controller: supply of data and power independently over two pairs of wires.

PROFIBUS® Topologie

Certificates following the PROFIBUS® standard:

Z01474 Profibus® DP/V1  SC 200 Dual Channel Controller
Z01474 Profibus® DP/V1    SC 1000 Multi Channel Controller
Z01331 Profibus® PA Profile V3.0 SI 792X D-PA Universal Oxygen Transmitter
Z01329 Profibus® PA Profile V3.0 SI 792X P-PA Universal pH & ORP Transmitter
Z01330 Profibus® PA Profile V3.0 SI 792X C-PA Contacting Cond. Transmitter
Z01332 Profibus® PA Profile V3.0 SI 792X T-PA Inductive Cond. Transmitter
Z01333 Profibus® PA Profile V3.0  SI 792X E-PA Inductive Cond. Transmitter
Z01473 DP/V1 SC200 Dual Chanenel Controller

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