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Whether you want to check the carbon content of waste water or keep an eye on the salt content of your process water, when it comes to water analysis, HACH LANGE is the perfect choice. We have years of experience in water analysis and offer a broad range of services.

Our company history dates back to Berlin 1933, when Dr. Bruno Lange set up a company in his own name employing six people. Inventions such as the photometer and later on cuvette tests have revolutionised the field of analysis, making it possible to conduct extensive analyses without the need for in-depth knowledge of chemistry.

HACH LANGE was born in 2004 when Dr. Bruno Lange joined forces with HACH, an American company specialising in electro and photochemistry. The expertise of these two companies is now combined, benefitting you, our customers!

That's not all, our company is continuing to grow and already has 22 subsidiaries around the world, including branches across Europe, China and the USA.

We can make your life easier
We focus on improving existing applications and developing new ones. For example, the LDO optical procedure can save our customers huge amounts of time in the laboratory as it dispenses with the need to spend hours calibrating sensors. What's more, LDO sensors offer precise measurement while remaining impervious to contamination deposits.
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The environment centre
In addition to offering practical solutions for waste water, process water and drinking water, we also focus on sustainability in the field of water analysis. We have been able to make significant reductions in the quantity of raw materials used for our cuvette test over the last few years. We also offer a disposal service for our cuvettes — this scheme has been protecting the environment since 1978. While reagents were simply collected and sorted back then, they are now recycled in our specially built environment centre in Düsseldorf.
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Our safety guidelines
Occupational health and safety and environmental protection are not just important to us, they are, in fact, an integral part of our corporate philosophy. For this reason, we conform to the following guidelines:

  • Responsibility for individuals and the environment
  • Responsibility for our products
  • On-going improvement and documentation
  • Safety
  • Preventing damage to the environment

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Cuvette materials can be used in all sorts of ways after recycling, including in the production of glass wool for the construction materials industry, plastic canisters and broom bristles. We accept around 350 metric tonnes of returned reagents and packaging materials every year and recycle approximately 70% of this,  which earned us the German Sustainability Award in 2009.
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Technical service
We want you to be completely satisfied with our instruments. That's why we offer comprehensive customer service that doesn't end when you purchase the product: We will support you during set-up and throughout the life cycle of the product too.

Our customers
Drinking water, waste water, paper, beverage, power, chemicals... our customers work in a whole host of different industries. Because each area has its own specific requirements regarding water quality, we offer individual solutions for each industry. Customer feedback is especially important to us and often influences the further development of our products.

HACH LANGE as employer
As an employer, we offer not only all the benefits of working for a large group such as long-term security and good career prospects, but also the social environment of a family company. We pride ourselves on offering individual opportunities for development, recognising good service and creating an excellent working environment.
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