HACH LANGE In Top 3 At German Sustainability Awards 2009

HACH LANGE has been nominated in the top 3 for the category “Germany’s most sustainable products and services” at the German Sustainability Awards 2009.

It’s a prestigious prize which awards businesses that connect commercial success with social responsibility for protection of the environment. From more than 400 companies the jury rewarded HACH LANGE for its “environmental” approach to its cuvette tests used for water analysis.

HACH LANGE delivers solutions with the latest technologies for waste water, drinking water and process water. Standard and customised solutions are offered in all fields of water and environmental analysis.

Thousands of cuvette tests are used every day to analyse the contents of liquids in waste water analysis. What makes the HACH LANGE cuvette special is the approach to recycling. Used cuvettes are collected from customers in the UK and twelve other EU countries and then ecologically recycled at HACH LANGE’s environmental centre in Germany. Not only is glass and plastic recycled but also chemicals used in the analysis process.

HACH LANGE pride themselves on drastically reducing potential health and safety issues connected to contamination with dangerous chemicals. In addition the unique HACH LANGE cuvette design means that chemicals are reduced by a factor of 16 compared to the DIN norm.

A jury of politicians and leaders from industry and science decided which companies best implement ecological, economical and social sustainability criteria in their products or services and how sustainability affects brand management. Members of this committee include i.a. Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former German Federal Minister and Executive Director or UNEP, Bernd M. Michael, President of the German Marketing Association and Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer, Assistant Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

The German Sustainability Award was established by the science journalist Stefan Schulze-Hausmann in 2008. The prize awards businesses that connect commercial success with social responsibility and protection of the environment.

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