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Hach Releases the NX7500 Sensor, an Advanced Multi-Parameter UV Scanning Solution Provides Operators with Reagent-Less Online Measurement of Nitrogen and Organics

May 1, 2018

Hach® ( is excited to announce the release of the NX7500 UV scanning sensor for online measurement of nitrogen and organics. Measuring nitrogen and organics gives you a complete view of the quality of your water while keeping you one step ahead of changing concentrations. The NX7500 sensors require less preparation thanks to reagent-free measuring, while nano-coated detector windows and an optional automatic cleaning unit provides sustained performance quality.

By analyzing a full UV spectrum, within a wavelength of 200 to 360nm, the NX7500 provides accurate and continuous measurement values for a range of parameters such as NO3-N, NO2-N and organic components (SAC254, CODeq, BODeq, DOCeq, TOCeq). The sensor can be immersed directly in the process or installed using a flow-through cell.

Deammonification Process under Control

Improve control and take back confidence with the NX7500 during the deammonification process by measuring nitrite and nitrate online. With short measurement intervals along a full UV spectrum, you'll receive more results faster—keeping you one step ahead of rising nitrate and nitrite concentrations negatively impacting your process.

Complete View of Organics and Nitrate in your Source Water

The NX7500 UV sensor provides a continuous and complete picture of the organic load and/or nitrate concentration in your drinking water, raw water, environmental and river water measurements, generating data to make important treatment decisions on organics removal. With short measurement intervals along a full UV spectrum, you will receive accurate and quick measurements—eliminating interferences from other parameters, e.g. turbidity, keeping you one step ahead of changing nitrate and organics concentrations.

A Proactive Approach to Rising Nitrogen and Organics Concentrations in Wastewater

Real-time alerts of rising nitrate, nitrite, and organics concentrations in the wastewater process with the NX7500 allows for the detection of influent upsets, tracking of aeration tank process efficiency, and ensuring of effluent quality.

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