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New IntelliCAL Probes Featured for HQd Meter

November 27, 2012

HACH LANGE announces a further suite of IntelliCAL™ sensors.

Unlike other probes on the market, all IntelliCAL probes interchange fully with a single meter. When switching between parameters, the operator simply plugs the IntelliCAL probe into the HQd meter. The system does the rest, automatically recognising the testing parameter from the probe and recalling the calibration history.

Stainless steel rugged probe versions with cable lengths up to 30 meters are available in all parameters (except sodium and BOD) to suit challenging conditions.

Standard, rugged and NEW pH ultra model available which gives the fastest response compared to competitor probes. Provides rapid measurement for all sample types, even difficult samples such as low-ionic strength (pure) water.

NEW ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
The rugged ORP probe features a flat disk design for optimal performance and easy sensor cleaning. Offered in standard, rugged and refillable models.

NEW Sodium Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
Uses an exclusive ISE design that ensures a fast start up time and minimal conditioning requirements to prevent calibration re-work.

Four-pole graphite design enables IntelliCAL probes to measure conductivity (µS/cm or mS/cm), resistivity, salinity, TDS and temperature. Choose either standard or rugged models.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Uses LDO® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) technology. Contains no membranes, ensuring time and cost savings. Standard and rugged models available.

Breakthrough probe uses LDO technology for BOD measurement. Contains no membranes and gives quick, reliable results for BOD measurements.

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