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Finally, inlet monitoring that works

October 2, 2012

New inlet measuring enables nutrient load analysis

HACH LANGE has launched an innovative wastewater sampling system that enables the continuous monitoring of sewage at the plant inlet. This enables water companies to monitor nutrient load and thereby dramatically improve process optimisation.

In the past, it has been almost impossible to monitor influent because of the physical and biological challenges that sewage presents – ragging, biofouling etc. However, following trials at a number of UK wastewater treatment plants, the new system has proved itself in enabling the monitoring of Ammonium and/or Phosphate at the inlet to the works.

The system employs an innovative design that deals with the problems of continuous sampling from primary sewage. The autocleaning feature is fully programmable by the end user and increases the time between planned maintenance.

The ability to monitor influent has been a major objective for many years; previous attempts have involved capital work to divert flow through a semi-protected channel. However, this can involve tens of thousands of pounds so HACH LANGE believes that the development of an effective sampling system is great news for the industry.

Explaining the importance of this new sampling technology, Andy Thornton, a Process Optimisation Specialist at HACH LANGE says, “The most exciting aspect of this development is the fact that the sampler enables the implementation of real-time control, which is improving compliance, reducing waste and bringing substantial cost savings to many treatment plants across Europe and beyond.”

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