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DR 900 - New Robust Handheld Colorimeter

DR 900 - New Robust Handheld Colorimeter

June 18, 2013

DR 900 - Next Generation Of Handheld Instruments For Water Analysis In The Field

Hach Lange has developed the next generation of handheld instruments for water analysis in the field; The DR 900 handheld Colorimeter. The DR 900 enables quick and easy access to your most frequently used HACH testing methods.

The DR 900 is the successor to the very successful  DR 800 series of handheld colorimeters. Thanks to improvements to the user interface and menu selections, operators can easily access the most frequently used water testing methods in fewer than four steps, enabling huge time savings when testing in the field.

The DR 900 is suitable for use in harsh and challenging field environments. It is of a robust construction and is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. The instrument has a back-lit display option for use in low light areas. This option can be activated with the push of a button. The DR 900 can store data from up to 500 tests, and comes with a USB port, allowing information to be transferred easily to a PC or laptop after a day in the field.

  •     Time savings
  •     Ability to test 90 of the most frequently tested water methods
  •     Improvemed user interface and method selection options
  •     Ease of testing

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