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Do You Have Traceability of Your Measurements?

February 8, 2012

Free guide with questions every laboratory should ask

For laboratories concerned by certification or accreditation, the use of certified reference materials traceable to their national standards is highly recommended.

But how can you be sure of the quality and traceability of your pH and conductivity measurements?
Many manufacturers offer standard solutions, but they do not all have the same degree of traceability. For example, beware of statements like “NIST Traceable” this often only means that a NIST reference material has been used to calibrate the instrument not that there is full traceability to NIST as the USA national measurement institute.

Standards should be delivered with a certificate of conformity and traceability giving details including the batch number of the product and Reference Material, the certified value and its uncertainty, the length of time for which the certified value is guaranteed and measurement and control procedures.

To help guide you through this potential minefield, Dr Geoff King, Lab Product Manager at HACH LANGE has produced a guide with key questions every laboratory should ask about what is being purchased.  This guide can help evaluate quality and traceability by addressing key points. Eg, How does the RMP demonstrate the traceability of its certified values back to the SI or other relevant national or international standards?

For a free copy of the Guide “Questions labs should be asking to ensure traceability and quality”’, please contact for your free copy, or call 0161 872 1487.

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