Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Children in Cameroon

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Project

Where Samaccol Binshua college in Cameroon with more than 300 school children and staff and two neighbouring villages.
Problem Severe water scarcity and poor quality drinking water collected from the nearby contaminated river. On average 15-20 children were sick (most often diarrhea).

Build a roof top rainwater harvesting tank to supply good quality (safe) drinking water. Capacity: 150 m3.

Primary purpose: Supply drinking water
Secondary purpose: Watering for agriculture and crop growing to finance and feed students and staff.

Timing Construction began October 2014 and finished July 2015
Partners Fund raising by Hach and engineering support by Engineers without Borders, Belgium. To be built by local workers and with local materials.


Collecting drinking water in nearby river


Good quality drinking water directly from the tap

Pictures from start to finish:

Almost finished digging for water tank

Water tank under construction

Water tank completed with roof and manhole

Gutters are mounted to collect rain water

Water tank is cleaned before use

Yes, we have water in the tank!

Good quality tap water!

Happy children gathering at the taps

Hach Mission

At Hach we are proud to be able to help with this project, and thus made a difference to 300 children by living our mission statement: Ensuring water quality for people around the world!

Drawings made by the children at Samaccol Binshua college The children made drawings on the topic of “water is life / rain water harvesting”