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How temperature affects your ammonium measurements.

Temperature influences the volume of liquids and the speed of chemical reactions. This way air and sample temperature can affect your analysis making results too high or too low.  
The image below shows an example:

The typical effect of temperature when determining ammonium using the salicylate method.

Deviation from correct measurement result depending on the temperature of reagents, sample and/or environment.
10°C: fresh from refrigerator
20°C: optimum
30°C: summer heat in measuring room without air conditioning
Keeping an eye on temperatures and sticking to the correct temperatures improves the accuracy of your measurement results.

Read on to find out how to get the right results every time!

What you can do to improve the quality of your results:

  • Allow samples and reagents coming out of the fridge to warm up before being used.
  • Do not expose samples and reagents to direct sunlight.
  • Do not store samples and reagents close to the radiator.
  • Use a thermostat if required to achieve the correct temperature.
  • Observe the notes in the user instructions regarding temperatures and reaction times.
  • Check your analysis on a regular basis with a spiking solution and a standard solution.
  • Choose the optimum measuring range for your sample, thereby eliminating potential errors by dilution.

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Literature to support you in your daily work.

  • NEW! Catalogue for Laboratory Water Analysis
    The new lab catalogue offers a comprehensive overview:
    - Photometric tests including accessories for quality assurance and sample preparation
    - Photometers ranging from portable instruments to UV-VIS Spectrophotometers and lab robot
    - Portable turbidimeter
    - Portable and benchtop meters for pH, DO, conductivity, ORP
    - Buffer and standard solutions
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HACH LANGE solutions deliver to you a perfectly coordinated system for lab and process analysis.

HACH LANGE Water Analysis: Excellent performance for results you can trust"
With high quality instruments, reagents and services, HACH LANGE is your ideal partner for water analysis.


Our laboratory solutions ensure accurate and reliable analysis for all key parameters in municipal, and industrial sectors in the lab and in the field.

Spectrophotometer DR 3900 with integrated AQA management and QC charts

  • High-performance VIS Spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications.
  • IBR+ technology increases the reliability of your measurement values. The 2D barcode on the cuvette delivers lot number and expiry date.
  • Quality assurance made easy with AQA+
  • RFID technology  allows for sample tracing and touchless data transfer

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Photometric cuvette tests with measuring ranges which fit your application

Safe –  Maximum safety for users, thanks to the closed cuvette system and low amounts of reagents. Complete labelling of the individual cuvettes, including barcode label for automatic recognition in the photometer.

Easy – Convenient and error-free dosing of the reagents without pipetting and reagent contact, thanks to DOSICAP and DOSICAP ZIP: cuvette caps containing an exactly pre-dispensed amount of freeze dried reagent.

Approved – HACH LANGE cuvette tests are officially approved for legally required consent limits. With the help of standard solutions and round-robin test solutions, they provide the assurance you need.

Versatile – 50 parameters and more than 100 measuring ranges for all applications in water analysis.

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HT 200S High temperature thermostat

Fast and cost effective digestion in 15 minutes.
The special construction of the high temperature thermostat allows fast heating and cooling times for up to twelve cuvettes or reaction vessels.

  • Saves time in the analysis of COD, TNb, Ptot and heavy metals
  • Automatic fast cooling
  • COD results in just 35 minutes
  • Variable digestion time and temperature for special digestions

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LT 20 thermostat

  • Temperature control unit for 27 cuvettes of 13 mm diameter, adjustable to 20°C ± 1°C
  • To warm up cuvettes coming from the fridge
  • To cool down cuvettes after digestion

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Technical Customer Service
The Technical Customer Service organisation exists to provide peace of mind, so you can be sure your critical analytics instruments give results you can trust.

Our team of factory certified technicians and tailored service offerings deliver:
  • Optimal instrument performance, ensuring minimum downtime and extension of instrument lifetime by regular maintenance
  • Regulatory compliance by completing and documenting inspections to international standards
  • Effective cost control options of warranty extensions and inclusive contracts to avoid unexpected repair charges

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LCA722 Pipette Validation Kit

Validating the accuracy of your pipettes on a regular basis is essential for regulatory compliance. The LCA722 Pipette Validation Kit provides a reliable method to perform this check even without a lab scale.
  • Easy to use and evaluate with your photometer
  • Reliable detection of inaccuracies
For every onsite demonstration of a spectrophotometer booked in July 2014, you will receive 1 free packet of LCA722 Pipette Validation Kit.

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