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Seasonal impacts on your Ammonium analysis

The process of nitrification is highly dependent on the wastewater's temperature.


Ceases Slows Favourable Most favourable Slows and ceases

Water temperatures below 12°C inhibit the oxidation of ammonium to nitrite and also nitrite to nitrate. This can result in, higher effluent values for ammonium or even worse because of its toxicity, dangerous levels of nitirite.

There is a risk that you may miss this change in your effluent values if you keep using a low-range photometric test based on the indophenol blue reaction. This is because substantial exceedance of the measuring range leads to a bluish tinge of the cuvette that the photometer detects as "within measuring range".

 Read on to find out how to avoid walking into this trap!

There are several approaches to the issue:

  • Use an online ammonium monitor in parallel to your lab measurements. Significantly higher measuring results may be an early warning signal.
  • Check the plausibility of your lab results by using a spiking solution on a regular basis.
  • Switch to a higher measuring range for your ammonium lab test.
  • If your photometer is a DR 2800, 3800, 3900, 5000 or 6000, there is a special application available for you. You can still use the low measuring range as usual. The photometer will automatically check the extinction on other wavelengths and give you an alarm message when the measuring range is exceeded.

Request the application document and software file for your DR spectrophotometer by sending back the response form.

  • Monitor the balance of nitrogen to detect an excess of nitrite.

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From the wide range of application literature we have chosen some documents which will support you in your daily work.

  • For more than 40 years the LCK cuvette test has been helping users to achieve results they can trust. Find out how the inbuilt quality and safety measures can support your daily working routines.
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HACH LANGE solutions deliver a perfectly coordinated system; in lab and in the field.

Photometric cuvette tests for all N parameters

NH4, NO2, NO3, Total N:

Always several measuring ranges to choose from to fit your application.

  • Safe - Maximum safety for users, thanks to the closed cuvette system and low amounts of reagents. Complete labelling of the individual cuvettes, including barcode label for automatic recognition in the photometer.
  • Easy - Convenient and error-free dosing of the reagents without pipetting and reagent contact, thanks to DOSICAP and DOSICAP ZIP: cuvette caps containing an exactly pre-dispensed amount of freeze-dried reagent.

  • Approved - HACH LANGE cuvette tests are officially approved for legally required consent limits. With the help of standard solutions and round-robin test solutions, they provide the assurance you need.
  • Versatile - 50 parameters and more than 100 measuring ranges for all applications in water analysis.

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DR 3900 Spectrophotometer with integrated AQA management and QC charts

Quality Icon

  • High-performance VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications.
  • Traceability starts with sampling
  • IBR+ increases the reliability of your measurement values
  • Rapid data updates
  • Quality assurance made easy with AQA+
  • Alignment of laboratory and process analysis

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AN-ISE sc: Combination sensor for ammonium and nitrate
Carries out continuously direct measurements using an ion-selective electrode. No need for reagents or sample preparation. Compensated interference by potassium and chloride.

  • Reliable results for ammonium and nitrate
  • Easy handling with CARTRICAL plus
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Always under control
  • Rely on HACH LANGE's application know how

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  AMTAX sc Ammonium analyser on-site
High precision process-instrument for the determination of ammonium in water, waste water and activated sludge. Outdoor enclosure. Incl. filter probe with 5m hose. 230V AC/50 Hz power supply.

  • Automatic cleaning and calibration
  • Extensive self-diagnosis
  • Wall mountable, rail mountable and mountable on a stand
  • With integrated filter probe
  • Many additional versions available on request

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