Claros Collect - Small Plants

Product #: COLLECT-L2
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Accurate field data collection made simple

Hach Claros Collect software is part of Claros - The Water Intelligence System.

Claros Collect will turn your data into powerful operational insights. Eliminate uncertainty, increase confidence. Welcome to the Power of Claros.

- For small plants - population equivalent > 10.000 and < 50.000 (>600 and < 3.000 kg/d BSB5)
- Manually enter data in the field, from any mobile and web enable device
- Data is validated at the source of collection
- Data is saved, synced and consolidated in the central Claros database
- View data in spreadsheets and graphs

  • Reduce data errors at the source of collection
  • Make informed decisions with instand data Availability
  • Access anytime, anywhere, any device