Clean water is our profession — what drives you?

Water is life and we live for water quality! Our measurement systems and services provide confidence in the safety of drinking water treatment, the reliability of waste water purification and the trustworthiness of monitoring procedures for production processes and natural bodies of water. Our collaboration with users over the decades from development right through to customer care has earned us our position as market leader in Europe.

We need people with both a passion and a head for water analysis. So we're looking for people like you! Whether you're just starting out or a specialist in your field, we are always looking for talented individuals:

  • Sales/Customer Care
  • Service
  • Process Instrumentation Business Unit
  • Product Development
  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Purchasing
  • Finance

As an employer, we offer not only all the benefits of working for a large group such as long-term security and good career prospects, but also the social environment of a family company. We pride ourselves on offering individual opportunities for development, recognising good service and creating an excellent working environment.

We are looking for people with experience in the following fields:

  • Natural sciences, e.g. chemistry, biology
  • Electrical engineering/electronics
  • Process, measurement or control technology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Domestic water management

Our company profile

Hach is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of analytical instruments, test kits and reagents for testing the quality of water, aqueous solutions and air. Our products are designed specifically for quality, accuracy, and simplicity. Strengthened by our sister companies in the environmental industry worldwide, our goal for the future is to continue to provide customers with reliable instrumentation, accurately prepared reagents, proven methods, simplified procedures and outstanding technical support. We offer an environment that is team-centered, customer-driven, quality-focused, and growth-oriented. Working at Hach will provide you the opportunity for robust career development.

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