SOLITAX hs-line sc Suspended Solids immersion probe, wiper, stl. steel

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For the lowest turbidity and the highest solids content: SOLITAX sc

Stainless steel high-precision process probe to measure turbidity and suspended solids. Colour independent method with dual-beam infrared/scattered light photometer.
90° turbidity measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7027. Backscatter photoreceptor to measure suspended solids accurately equivalent to DIN 37414. Time-consuming multipoint calibrations with dilution series are replaced by a single correction factor.
The measurement data is displayed and processed with the help of a controller. In short: Advantages that are long-lasting and economically efficient.

Turbidity measurement performance certified according to MCERTs regulation.

Prognosys is a predictive diagnostic system that allows you to be proactive in your maintenance, by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues. Know with confidence whether changes in your measurements are due to changes in your instrument or your water.

  • Color-independent measurement of solids
  • No calibration
  • Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
  • Proven cleaning system
  • Improve overall efficiency of the plant