Drinking Water Treatment 

Your job is challenging: ensuring high quality drinking water requires thorough understanding of the complex treatment process. With over 60 years of experience in drinking water analysis, Hach has the expertise to help you with the various challenges you face.


Effective removal of organic and inorganic matter requires close monitoring of raw water quality.

Correct dosing of coagulants and respective pH adjustment allows you to stay in control of your treatment process and reduce operating cost(electricity, chemicals, sludge).

Improve filter runtime, reduce disinfection by products, save
operating costs.

Monitoring filter performance helps to keep total output under control, optimising the amount of water used for backwashing as well as the quality water before disinfection.

Having reliable turbidimeters at the outlet of each fi lter gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Save water and energy, and improve filter performance.

Disinfection is a complex process, affected by a variety of factors. If your water has a high level of organics, you risk forming carcinogenic by-products.

By not adding enough disinfectant, you may risk microbio-logical growth.

Save chemical costs and maintain a consistent residual.

Lab Solutions

UV-VIS Spectrophotometers and water quality meters with pre-loaded drinking water methods.
Online Solutions

A wide variety of instruments for measuring key drinking water parameters.
Portable Solutions

Robust handheld instruments with compact design and easy-to-use interfaces.
Service Solutions

Peace of mind with our service: with maximum instrument uptime, warranty extension options, reliable operating and maintenance costs and confidence to meet regulatory compliance.
Certified Quality

ISO 9001
ISO 14001 & OHSAS BS 18001