Drinking Water Treatment - Pretreatment: Improve filter runtime, reduce disinfection by products, save operating costs 

Coagulation, flocculation, and clarification are perhaps the most overlooked processes when installing instrumentation in a water treatment facility.

However, every step in the treatment process depends on preceding steps and those steps that follow to make the entire process function effectively.

Measurement is critical at every step to optimis the process and control operational costs. Control dosing of coagulant and save chemical and sludge costs by measuring what you cannot see.

The robust construction and fast response of the AF7000 Streaming Current Monitor allows for accurate continuous monitoring of your source water.

Your benefits:
  • Heavy duty construction build with 316 stainless steel
  • Industrial sized motor for the long haul
  • Industry’s fastest response to source water changes
  • Easy and fast maintenance

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Continuous measurement of organic load: UVAS plus sc

  • No sampling or sample conditioning
  • Instant measured values
  • No reagents
  • Self-cleaning probe
  • Very high availability of measured values

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HACH LANGE DR 3900 VIS- and DR 6000 UV-VIS photometers are engineered to achieve exceptional analytical accuracy in a simple testing format.
  • High laboratory efficiency – more than 220 pre-programmed analysis methods directly available
  • Highly accurate, reliable and traceable measurements
  • Easy and transparent working process

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Immersion, flow-through or built-in probe with integrated electronics.
  • Longer service life
  • Reliability with built-in encapsulated preamp
  • Plug and play with SC controllers

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The HQD digital meter/electrode system combines reliability, flexibility and easy handling.
  • Accurate and quick measurements
  • For single or dual parameters measurements
  • Easy to use with innovative menu design
  • INTELLICAL intelligent electrodes are recognized automatically and store all relevant data

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Outstanding results in high temperatures: SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc

  • Virtually maintenance-free, optics never touch the sample
  • Wide turbidity measurement range from 0 to 9,999 NTU
  • Durable-manufactured with corrosion/heat-resistant materials for extended life
  • Separate sample and control units
  • Easy and accurate calibration

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Combining quality and efficiency in the professional laboratory

  • Improved laboratory efficiency - more than 240 pre-programmed methods directly available
  • Comparable and reliable results - with the approved HACH LANGE cuvette tests
  • Transparent working processes in every situation - with access to all raw data
  • Integrated Quality Assurance - with function for scheduling, evaluation, documentation
  • Optimised data management, LIMS compatible

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Stay up, running and in compliance with Service

By performing recommended maintenance and taking advantage of Hach Service to provide you with a calibration certificate on each visit, both you and your regulator can have complete confidence that your instruments are accurate and you are delivering the best water you can.

Peace of mind with Hach Service:
•    Maximum instrument uptime
•    Reliable operating and maintenance costs
•    Confidence to meet regulatory compliance
•    Warranty extension options