Fulfill your discharge consents and keep your treatment costs in check – even when faced with changing conditions and sudden load peaks.

  • RTC-P system.

Optimize phosphorus removal by measuring concentration and flow in real time and adjusting chemical dosing.

  • RTC-N system.

Optimize nitrification processes by continuously measuring ammonia load and adjusting DO concentration in real time for significant energy savings.

  • RTC-N/DN system.

Continuously measure ammonia and nitrate concentrations to determine the optimal times for nitrification and denitrification.

  • RTC-ST and RTC-SD systems.

Control polymer dosing in real time to significantly reduce polymer costs, increase your biogas yield, and reduce maintenance and guesswork.

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Real-time optimization does what a great plant manager already does - only it does it every 60 seconds. View this video to learn more.